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Electric Hair is an online society of hairdressers eager to grow personally and professionally.

Our purpose is to help guide stylists on their personal journey by providing cultural and technical trainings. We believe with proper tools and systems you can share a meaningful life at home and in your business.

At EHS we won't just provide you with technical aspects. By focusing on your cultural values and beliefs, we can help you discover WHO you choose to serve, WHY you choose to serve them, and HOW to do it without sacrificing what matters most, yourself and your family.

We believe by changing our approach in culture it will help raise the frequency within ourselves and within our industry.

This is not a business ran on hopes and prayers but rather on deep inner work and truth. You are the only one responsible for your fortunes and failures. We can only give you the tools and help guide you. If your ready to take control of your life and business, we hope you will take a seat at our table and join the society.

About Electric Hair Society


Coaching Opportunities

Owning your technical skill is the standard now in our industry. Talented stylists come a dime a dozen but what about your professional approach? How do you approach challenging demands from a guest? How do you redirect your team when they stop working together? How you handle yourself as a professional to your stylists or to your guests sets the tone for your entire salon experience. You could be incredible at creating a flawless Balayage but it means nothing if you can’t properly communicate with your team or guests. Challenge doesn't have to be a dirty word but instead be used as an opportunity to grow and learn. Being the “bigger man” and approaching these challenges is hard, we have been there, we know how uncomfortable it feels but it doesn't have to be.

Our coaching experiences were created to help guide you on your personal hair journey. We promise to help you build confidence to approach difficult challenges without coming off rude or disrespectful to your guests or stylists. You can have a healthy salon environment without sacrificing your professional integrity. We are here to guide you to do just that.

What We Offer

We offer two coaching experiences: One on One and Deep Dive Group Coaching.

One on One

Up close and personal

Our One on One Coaching is a personalized experience focusing on tackling your current biggest challenge in the salon or with your team. This intimate one on one approach will give you the comfort of being completely open and vulnerable without any judgment from your peers. This also allows us to create a unique plan of action for you and you alone. The cost for this one on one experience is $50/ session.

Deep Dive

Social Learning

Our Deep Dive Group Coaching experience is pre-scheduled once per month focusing on one topic to dive deep on specific challenges and solutions for each class focus. This experience gives you the opportunity to interact with other stylists and salon owners who are dealing with the same challenges you face. The benefit of being coached with a group is focusing on one common challenge at a time and the feeling of relief you will get knowing you are not alone. The cost for the group experience is $15/ session.

Who is this for?

Our coaching experience is not for everyone. As stylists its easy to blame our lack of success on our salon owner or team members. Its easy to fall into the rut of the same salon routine and to say, “this is just how it is here.” Our coaching experiences were created for the stylist and salon owners who are ready to hold themselves accountable to their life and business. We are not here to tell you what you want to hear. We are here to guide you and to show you on what is possible when you start taking responsibility and controlling your business instead of the other way around. If you are ready to build confidence, accept responsibility, and transform your life and business, we would be honored to guide you.

How it Works

Each coaching call is delivered in real time through the Zoom app. Once booked you will be guided on what you will need to have a successful meeting. Simply follow the directions and show up virtually on the time and date scheduled. All payment invoices are due no later than 24 hours before each coaching call.

To book your One on One or Group Coaching experience, choose a time and date below

Deep Dive Coaching

30 minute group session, $15

One-On-One Coaching

30 minutes, $50

Thank you for choosing us as your coach, we look forward to guiding you.

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Sam and ever since I was in beauty school I loved sharing. I’ve been doing hair for over 10 years and in that time I’ve had the opportunity to experience many roles in the beauty industry. I first started as a mentor at a prestigious beauty school which then led to me becoming a teacher. Behind the chair I’ve worked for corporate chains, local salons and have been a commissioned stylist, booth renter, salon suite owner and I have even ran a legitimate salon out of my home.

Through all these experiences I’ve learned a thing or two about running a business and doing it with integrity without compromising my professionalism. Through lots of trial and error (mostly error) I’ve learned to create systems and establish rules and guidelines to fit not only my businesses but my lifestyle. Thats why I’m here, to share them with you. My goal is to help you gain confidence in your approach as a professional without having to learn the hard way like I did. I’m here to show you that its possible to live a meaningful life both in and outside of the salon. I’m honored and humbled to be your coach and I can’t wait to guide you on your hair journey. It’s time to make your life and business electric.

With love and gratitude,


Everyday beauty professionals and their personal experiences in & outside of the salon
Everyone has a story. We all have walked paths in darkness and in light.
This podcast was created because I have found so much inspiration from the people around me. I wanted a place where everyday beauty professionals could share their story, not just their success but their failures too. The purpose for these episodes is to hopefully inspire listeners to take action and for professionals to know they are not alone in this climb to the top. There is enough room for us all and maybe, just maybe, one of these stories will help you get to where you want to go. We all have something to offer. What's your story?
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Call 315-992-8488 to leave your questions and you may be featured in the podcast!

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